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After we have a sense of what the advertiser is trying to accomplish, we can ask how they go about achieving their marketing goals.

Most men look at a woman from a distance and smile. They think that men only give importance to the physical appearance of a woman.A hairstyle, a print font, a border design all may have something to teach us. What are the implications, for instance, of the stark black-and-white photographs in many Depression-era ads that mimicked the tabloid newspapers of the day?How does the ad attract the reader’s attention? Does the rise of “psychedelic” graphic styles in the late 1960s and 70s support Thomas Frank’s contention that “counter cultural” values of personal fulfillment and immediate gratification fit post-industrial corporate marketing needs?The advertisement’s words complement the image. The boy’s alarm—“ Gee, Pop– They’re all passing you”—sits in a cartoon “balloon.” Depression advertising, stripped of the subtleties of more prosperous times, often adopted the blunt, lurid style of comic strips.The text below directly addresses those who “must make your old car do a little longer” in “these days when we have to do without so many things.” Taken as a whole, the language, design, and image of this advertisement evince the fear and humiliation of hard times and try to convert these worries into motives to buy.

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  2. I read her first book and was exhausted by the constant references to her ex- husband. I'm about a third of the way through and may have to pull the plug on this one.