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Or that she’s travelling at the moment and her flight leaves at 6 am the next morning and she is unable to come over. Or that she wants to come over but can’t because her friends will label her as a slut, and she does not want to be judged.

When you go out, the reasons are endless for her not to come over – and there are plenty times where it was outside of your control.

This is similar to gambling or trading in the stock market where you can be completely focused, do everything right, try your very best – and still come up short with results.

Absent the “special cases” of particular men, the truth is it takes a plenty of skill, persistence, and quite frankly, luck, when it comes to successfully having multiple one night stands with women.

Aside with being clear with intentions, something useful to keep in mind would be eliminate any semblance of a traditional, romantic date.

This does not necessarily mean that you roll out of bed, don’t get dressed, travel to their place, have sex, and leave.

Most of these flings that occur on our sites are very short term, or end up in friends with benefits relationships at the most.

There is also little to no “randomness” when it comes to online dating.

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