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There are other jobs around so if you realise you don't like it, just get out and do something else..."Quote" you should try it sometimes might take that chip of your shoulder... which i dont think there is anything wrong with to earn a fast buck...someone give message five a rampant rabbit ffs Have I said I disapproved? I worked for the Sexual health & National AIDS helpline. what you think about the five murders on prostitutes recently... "I think that your out of order for calling them prostitutes. MSG 22 Even if the OP believes that gays are depraved, it has nothing to do with her earning a crust taking these phone calls.

The chip as you call it, happens to be what I call self respect. prostitution is the oldest profession in the book..tell me.. phone sex isnt prositution, so where did that come from???? You may want to go back, & instead of reading the the words & jumping to conclusions, hear what I'm saying. There work was prostitution, but first & foremost they were women, daughters, mothers, sisters, neices. It's not as thought any gays will call her, anyway.

so, quoting you from another thread, when you teach your child being gay is a disorder and sick, you'll tell them phone prostitution is fine, yes? MSG 7 PLEASE tell me that your post wasn't aimed at mine!!!

you should try it sometimes might take that chip of your shoulder^^^ i dont need to be doing this coz of the money although the money is more than youd make frying chippies as you job is not for everyone only those that have a sense of humour and are willing to go deeper into it.those stonecold grannies id give it a miss if i were you..gettin ur leg over is prostitutional yea not havin a bit of fun over the fone...and btw mary magdalene was jesus wife not a prostitute.... obviously not vin I once watched a programme on sex chat operators & it was full of grannies doing their knitting smoking like a good un' to enhance the sexy voice....

Each to their own though, & as you've said in other posts, as long as you live by what the bible says everything is fine...

Dictionary definition of prostitute: "a person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment". I'm presuming OP is honest, and I also have my educated opinion. here why dont you get her number, give her a call, you might like it..bravo for the national aids helpline!!

she deffos needs a rabbit ..i think you seriously need to back off love as youve written your opinions on this thread three times now.

This restricts what may be said and shown on-air on unencrypted channels more stringently than if the content were a normal program.

However regulation of adult TV channels has not been devolved to the Advertising Standards Authority. In the US, Playboy TV started Night Calls, a phone-in show where viewers could 'direct' the presenters (all female porn stars) in sexual acts on the air.

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