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It’s very economically diverse, but not so much racially.Even though it’s the lesbian capital, there’s still a ton of gay boys, and they have their own event/info site too…no, not grindr.Also, if you go to UMass, you will end up taking somebody here for their first legal drink on their 21st birthday. It’s a restaurant until 10 and after that they move the tables away and it turns into a club. Tunnel Bar: (125A Pleasant Street.) Tunnel Bar is a secret-ish place without a sign, which is why they don’t even have a website. It’s in an old railroad mail depot and makes delicious sandwiches of both the vegetarian and carnivorious variety.It’s across the street from the Pearl Street Nightclub. Also check out: Ye Olde Watering Hole: (287 Pleasant St.) Hidden dive-y gem. The Dirty Truth: (29 Main St.) Lots of beers ‘n’ queers. Giant collages and chalkboards everywhere, free jazz music on Saturday mornings, and a convenience-store type place in front make it a cool place to hang out for awhile.Late Night Eats (aka you’re drunk and starving): Wings over Amherst (55 University Drive) These were the reason it took me so long to become a vegetarian, which should be good enough of an endorsement for you.

I wasn’t out to anyone (even myself), and even though my dad’s side of the family all went to school here I somehow had no clue about Amherst’s hippie-liberal vibe. Having lived in the liberal bubble of Massachusetts my whole life, I’ve found Amherst even more queer-friendly than other parts of the state (except Northampton and Provincetown). If you like butches with babies, or gay dads with four kids, or quirky people of every kind, you will like Northampton, aka Noho.Their coffee is whole bean, fair trade, organic, etc. Amherst is a quintessential college town due to the presence of THREE colleges within a few miles of each other.All three colleges are part of the Five College Consortium, which means if you attend one you can register for classes at any of them. All five colleges have queer things happening all the time.A lot of people you will meet in Noho are in undergraduate or graduate school.They are probably very smart and they probably listen to NPR (station 88.5). There’s a lot of gay families, and people of all ages.

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