Laser code dating equipment

The Laser Jet Mark™ technology also allows for automatically adjusting for production speeds without user intervention.

Dynamically coding products while the product speeds up or slows down is handled so that the mark remains consistent.

We have many years of experience in laser industrial automation, it is what our business is built on, after all.

Chances are that the reason you need a laser marker and laser coder in your production lines is because you need to add date codes and other traceable marks onto your products.

We offer our combined 300-years of experience in this to assist you with your on-the-fly packaging laser coding and laser marking process.

Our laser markers can lase barcodes, and text marks into most types of materials, permanently.Our UV laser puts a high contrast mark onto HDPE with exceptional quality and speed.We are the leading on-the-fly laser company for direct HDPE laser coding.The Laser Jet Mark™ on-the-fly laser coding technology allows the product to continue moving along the conveyor without stopping the packing line.Since stop-and-go products mean slower packaging rates, the Laser Jet Mark™ offers an advantage in that the products keep moving on the conveyor as they are marked.

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With a dual source laser machine the possibilities are endless!

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