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They had seven children: María Cristina (1949), Jorge Horacio (1950), Alejandro Eugenio (1951–1971), María Isabel (1958), Pedro Ignacio (1966), Fernando Gabriel (1961) and Rafael Patricio (1953).Two of these, Rafael Patricio and Fernando Gabriel, joined the Argentine Army. After steady promotion as a junior officer in the infantry, he attended the War College between 19 and graduated as a qualified staff officer.In 1985, two years after the return of a representative democratic government, he was prosecuted in the Trial of the Juntas for large-scale human rights abuses and crimes against humanity that took place under his rule, including kidnappings or forced disappearance, widespread torture and extrajudicial murder of activists, and political opponents as well as their families at secret concentration camps.An estimated 13,000 political dissidents vanished during this period.The members of the junta took advantage of the guerrilla threat to authorize the coup and naming the period in government as the "National Reorganization Process".In all, 293 servicemen and policemen were killed in left-wing terrorist incidents in 19.

It is a disproportionate number, as Jews comprised between 5-12% of those targeted but only 1% of the population.The bodies were hidden or destroyed to prevent protests at home and abroad.Videla also maintained that female guerrilla detainees allowed themselves to become pregnant in the belief they wouldn't be tortured or executed, but they were.Many torture victims were said to have seen pictures of Adolf Hitler and swastikas on walls of torture chambers and interrogators uttering anti-Semitic epithets.Jews were also known to have suffered anti-Semitic harassment while in the Argentine military.

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