I think online dating is stupid

The online profile images the researchers used consisted of photos of users’ faces as well as non-face images like cartoons.

The images contained behavioral cues such as poses, pets, objects and the presence of other people, which were linked to people’s interests, lifestyles and how they represent themselves on social networks.

My thing is you can't really interact with a computer screen.. I am a very goofy person and it is hard for me to take a dating site that seriously, however it seems like many of the women who are attracted to these dating sites think that one day they are going to find the prince charming online all from the convenience of their chair, no work required.

I like to see how she acts.she flirts and so on.to me putting myself out there isn't work, it is what is necessary if you really want to meet people.. The whole concept is just incredibly stupid but I am sure it works for some people. Why do you think anyone expect such things "from the convenience of their chair"?

It's always easier to meet people in person, but with online dating you can talk to someone for a few minutes while watching football on a Monday night i don't think it's stupid.Wile i myself prefer to get out there and meet women face to face, i think the online dating concept has it's time and place..I mean people hook up through sites like myspace or facebook..Extracting social value from images is part of a newer frontier in artificial intelligence called “deep learning.” Deep learning uses artificial neural networks modeled after the human brain.The artificial networks are faster and more accurate at processing large amounts of data.

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Now the computer can apply this algorithm to new photos it hasn’t yet encountered — in effect, researchers could use these algorithms to predict intelligence on the basis of one’s profile photo.

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