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Together they endured being called freaks and every other manner of slur people that knew about Sam's secret. They were in love and as soon as they could they got married.

So I'm sure a lot of you have seen those fics floating around were Sam's a hermaphrodite meaning she was born with guy parts.She quickly used the remote to turn on by Joedci and stood where she would be the first thing Sam saw when she walked in.As the door opened reveal Sam in her uniform consisting of a dark blue short sleeved button down shirt with the fire department logo on her left pocket tucked into her matching pants."Hey cupcake I'm…. " Sam said taking in the outfit her wife was wearing.Tonight the twenty three year old had chosen a pink fishnet top with no bra an electric blue pair of see through thong panties and white knee high, high heeled boots.She wore the outfit because her wife Sam was on her way home from a seventy two hour shift at the fire department.

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