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If employees are willing to give chat bots a chance, they could dramatically reshape the way human resource departments are constructed and help employees get answers to questions with incredible efficiency.BEST PRACTICESThe chat bot HR domain is restricted in the sense that it still functions as a to-do-list helper.Although chat bots have been popular amongst the consumer-facing companies that use them for basic customer-service functions, a number of HR solutions and service providers have also lately concentrated most of their efforts on creating bots.Here is one example· Overstock, the American online retailer, has introduced a bot called Mila to deal with employee scheduling issues.However, employees typically forget answers to important questions or throw away documents that are needed in the future. chat bot such as Jane becomes smarter over time and will learn to answers questions that are frequently being asked by employees.A chat bot for HR will answer questions in real time, resulting in faster decision making for employees. There will be questions that Jane won’t immediately be able to answer.This data could indicate that something in the system isn’t working correctly.Before things get out of hand, an HR executive could detect the issue and let employees know that a solution is being implemented.

A startup called Talla, based in Boston, is also working on chat bots designed to help new workers to be more productive.1.HR teams could also look at employee data being collected via a chat bot to run sentiment analysis to understand employee satisfaction rates.Bots can do a lot to make our lives easier, both inside HR and outside.This will result in effective communication between the two groups as the traditional and much cumbersome task of being timely updated will be fast and much more simplified.2.HR can respond in real time, resulting in faster employee decisions Sometimes HR teams can send out an overwhelming load of information, often during open enrollment.

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Instead of having to visit a HR department or wait for a reply to an email, employees can get answers to their questions right away using an AI based chatbot.· In addition, bots can use data collection to streamline job processes and boost productivity.

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